Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This preliminary rough took me about an hour, or so to do this evening. I'd hope to begin this weekend, but family and homeschooling duties called. They're my first concept sketches for a children's story I wrote called, A Spell on Mother Bear.

At this stage I'm just playing around with some loose sketches. These enable me to get a feel for some of the characters, timing, settings and possible perspectives. They help me to capture and manipulate all those visions running around in my mind and decide what I like, or dislike, before I begin my dummy.

I will endeavor to post my progress daily, showing the steps I take and my thoughts there of when creating a picture book dummy...a mockup, or model if you will of a 32 page children's story.

Note to self: I must do some separate sketches of the little girl tomorrow to get a better feel for her, she appears much too doll like


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