Monday, April 02, 2007

There is an incredibly talented modern illustrator who's work just blows me away.

I first discovered Mr. Quinton Hoover last year. It was quite by accident. At the time I was searching for other illustrators, silent mentors who would inspire and guide me with their unspoken genius. Well, I stumbled upon the right site, UndergroundComics, a list on Yahoo. Man, talk about talent and real down to earth souls. These illustrators have taught me more about the art and craft of visual storytelling than many books.

Its a real treat to visit some of their sites, so here is Mr. Hoover's, the man who's kindness unknowingly gave me the courage to follow my dream and just dive in to my inks. Of course his illustrations make mine look childish and pitiful, but that's Ok, mentors and masters have a way of glowing radiantly like the brightest of stars.


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