Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just a quicky today, I wanted to share another great blog I recently discovered. This one features animation artist extraordinaire John Navarez. Actually he has several blogs, but the following are my two favorites. All I'm going to say about Mr. Navarez is that once you visit his blogs you'll want to come back and check out what's new again and again.
The only bad thing is that the link he gives to his DVD under Store doesn't take you to a shopping cart. Instead, it redirects you to the Entertainment Art Academy store. Unfortunately this doesn't do you any good either. Its a shame there seems to be no one on the other end of the Entertainment Art Academy store to answer your emails about ordering material. I should know, I've emailed them three times already. Granted these folks are very busy teaching and creating, but gosh all I want to do it order a few DVD's. What's a girl got to do to get their attention?

Anyway, I'm happy to inform that Mr Navarez link to his Bits and Bits work. I can't wait till my copies of Volumes I and II of Bits and Bits arrive. Now if the folks at the Entertainment Art Academy could install some working links to purchase John Navarez DVD's and a few other books and DVD'S...


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