Friday, January 30, 2009

I was just tagged by one of our dear homeschool Moms. I've never played this game before, so here goes. You're supposed to list 26 things about yourself.

1. I'm a hopeless romantic.

2. I love to walk in the woods, in fields of flowers, on the beach...

3. Nature is my true love, it supports me, comforts me, heals me, inspires me, and when I pay close attention guides me too.

4. I love pizza, and homemade cookies.

5. I love to bake, but its not good for my diet.

6. I'm not too good with people. I'm better with animals, they're not so hard to figure out.

7. I have a hard time letting anyone in or letting anyone go.

8. I spend six days a week at the ice rink cause I love my teens.

9. I've learn to work where and when I can even though its always on the run.

10. I'm a visual storyteller because that's how I've learned to cope, communicate and understand myself and life.

11. I'm way too sensitive, so I wear super thick armor to shield my heart.

12. Despite contrary belief, I do love humanity.

13. I learn something from everyone, the world is my teacher.

14. I love to dance in my kitchen and sing to the heavens.

15. One day I want to go back to martial arts.

16. I often play guitar by moon light...well, I try to play, still learning.

17. I love music...all music, it helps heal my soul.

18. Spirit and character are so much more important than looks, but a little eye candy never hurts. ; )

19. My favorite clothes are a pair of old, worn jeans, a soft sweater, an old pair of cowboy boots, an a hooded cloak if it cold out.

20. I think I was born in the wrong time, chivalry is lost and so is true love.

21. I love to read.

22. If it weren't for my children I'd probably never leave my little house in the woods.

23. I love candles, I always have some burning.

24. I've always collected rocks, sea shells, bird feathers, leaves, moss, flowers...did I mention I love nature?

25. I have four birds, a cat, two dogs and an old turtle.

26. My favorite colors are rose and sea green.


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