Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's been quite a while since I've had time to post.  I've been a hero's journey, one my soul begged for despite my mind's warning. I've done my best to breathe, face my fears, grow and stay afloat, amidst the constant shifts and changes.

Time, security and sometimes even love seem the ultimate sacrifice for authenticity. And yet, how can we as dreamers, believers, artists and explorers do otherwise?  We are driven by this great need to be genuine, to embark upon these quests propelled by our souls desire to understand, assimilate, share and express.  We do so with the risk of facing great challenges and the very palatable fear of failure.  And yet, hope whispers granting glimpses of the unknown and the possibility of achieving wonders not yet dreamed of. 
Despite another avalanche of changes, I still my mind and again lean forward to drink from the well of the unknown. I reach out embracing this new chapter of my life and the eternal quest for growth and deeper understanding.  In the days, weeks and months to come I will begin to post once more.  I will share a glimpse of various projects I have been working on.  Some posts will deal with older, unfinished projects long dormant. As with any story or particular chapters of life, sometimes they must be put aside until we acquire clearer vision and wisdom to proceed.

I wish all of us creative visionaries, artists, writers, poets, storytellers, dancers, musicians, shamans, healers,crafters of all sorts, and all of humanity, success in our endeavors to create a better, more authentic, beautiful world. Peace, love and light. <3>


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