Monday, February 19, 2007

Here's the progress thus far on my Shu-lin's Dream. Although this panel is from one of the pages in The Virtutus Key, I wanted to dedicated it to my little Mountain Horn Dragon.
Shu-lin has been very sick, actually she came that way from the pet store. Not much is known about these little guys, apparently they should not have been housed together.
Anyway, Shu-lin has been fighting off a major infection from a bite she received and has been keeping us quite busy with every third day visits to the vet for shots, twice a day hot compresses, Epsom Salt leg soaks, forced feedings, watering's and lots of TLC. I take her outside daily for an hour, or two of morning sun, sketches and meditations. It seems to me that if Shu-lin had wings she would surely fly.
I've photographed some of the steps I'm taking in this painting for the benefit of all my homeschool students that were in both my Elements of Writing and Illustrating Graphic Novels and my Life Painting classes. If you all have any questions let me know.


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