Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been real busy trying to do so much especially of late, what with self imposed deadlines and such...But, somewhere in the midst of all my creative passions and domestic responsibilities I was blessed with a moment of time. I've just read a truly beautiful, raw and inspiring graphic novel. The Pride of Baghdad, by Brian Vaughan and Niko Henrichon.

The Pride of Baghdad is an emotionally moving tale. Personally, it hits home on so many levels...dreams, freedom, self-expression, self-discovery, courage. Courage, that's a huge one...facing the unknown and the changes, challenges and questions of our readiness. Thank God, I think I'm finally accepting the worthiness, but that's another story.

This tale is more than just the tale of four captive lions, I see it as the hero's quest in us all. If you're fortunate enough to find it, read it, you won't be disappointed.



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