Monday, July 16, 2007

Here are three of my rough concept sketches for Sweets, last weeks weekly theme on the Picture Bookies Showcase. My sister Amy loved the last one, which I submitted.
My sister founded Little Flowers of Hope, a center for children of special needs. They utilize sequential images in their program, everything from how to wash your hands and put away your toys, to cooking, baking and doing laundry. She asked me to send her copies of some of my story boards to hang in thier classrooms. I'm going to sketch a few better ones (even though she loved these roughs), then I'll ink and apply some watercolors too.

This was the first set of concept sketches I did. They took me about an hour. These are just rough thoughts on paper. The tree house just sort of sprang into my head towards the end.

I liked the tree house idea and began playing around more with the concept here. The first image in the upper left corner took me about fifteen minutes. The second image on this page took me almost two hours. Yes, I was trying too hard. It lacks the spontaneity and freedom I love so much in the smaller sketch. I could have spent another hour or two working out the values, but I was running out of time and proceeded to the following sketch.

Here is my final rough concept sketch for the Sweets theme. I will do a few more for my sister and when we are satisfied I will take them from rough concept sketches to finished, full color, sequential teaching aids for her center.


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