Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lovers Dream

There's a space so far between us.
I feel the need for grace.

I wonder at the dream the way you seek me.
Waiting, watching, seldom speaking.

We are as waves helplessly crashing upon the cliffs.
Emotions erupting, dangerously close to touching.

Will it be enough the lines that separate us?
Or, will those ties be the force that binds us?

Your eyes they ever haunt me.
They pull me under into the depths of your soul.

I'm drowning in a pool of passion so cold it burns me.
Can you feel my love?

I touch my heart and pray you'll find me.
I close my eyes and wish you'd hold me.

What happens when we awaken?
Soaked and tattered seals without our skin.

That's why I run, because I fear you.
Yet, you are the star that always guides me.

You are my strength, my breath, my hope.
And, I need you.

Vivian Hadding


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