Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still Marching On...
From Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding

Woke up today...what's the matter with me
Tears spill over, can't chase them away

Been so strong, been holding on
Nothing's changed, things just the same

Clinging to faith, praying for grace
Wiping my eyes, hiding my face

But it's been so long, I'm still marching on

Thinking of you now and again,
No that's a lie...been everyday

Going to work, raising my kids
Being their Mom, being their Dad

Lord it ain't easy, don't want to mess up
But it happens sometimes, try as I might

It seems so long, I've been marching on

Studying hard, following my dreams
Is it so wrong to want to believe

Running in circles, feels like these days
Can't see the progress, can't find my way

Walking in silence, lest you should see
The hundred million tears I've shed for thee

But it's been so long, I'm still marching on
Yeah, it's been so long and I'm marching on


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