Thursday, September 14, 2006

I did these concept illos today. I wanted to explore several views of the cave entrance from close up to farther away, and from the inside looking out, as opposed to the earlier sketches of the child with Mother Bear.

The first illo on the page is sketched without snow, just to get a feel for the kind of cave entrance I wanted to do.

In the next two sketches I wanted to explore possible winter scenes. The story begins in the winter, and continues on through spring, summer and fall.

I decided to loosely ink the winter scenes and then realized what I really wanted to explore were shadows. I used ink washes over a Pilot Precise extra fine tipped pen. It bled/fuzzed just the slightest bit in areas, when drenched over with my ink washes.

I used liquid frisket to keep some areas white. The Paper is Canson Universal Recycled Sketch at 65 lb. Its meant for dry media, not wet. I use it because these are just rough concept sketches, not finals, not even storyboards. For my finals I'll use a heavier paper.


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