Thursday, May 03, 2007

Its late, but I just can't sleep. Hopefully Hubby doesn't wake up and I don't find myself in the dog house. Around here not being in bed when the King is will cost you points.
No matter, I'm far too excited after reading Ruthie's (that's Ruth McNally Barshaw) new highly illustrated novel Ellie McDoodle Have Pen Will Travel.
I felt like I was spying on Ellie spying on her relatives. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the sofa, when she falls into the Frog Pond. Seeing the children argue and plan is like reliving parts of my childhood.
The conversation between Ellie and Aunt Ug was simple and really hit home. We struggle so much as wives and Moms to be faithful to our visions day by day, because we seem to die a slow and miserable death when we don't dare to live our dreams.
I took away a few insights from this book too, then again I always do when they're good. I especially liked numbers 1, 5 and 9 of the "Things I've Learned" list. And, Scott's Deerskin Pouch on page 57 is filled with meaningful objects we should all keep handy. I think I'll cut out page 78 of Ellie's Tips For Surviving Camp With Relatives You Can't Stand and stuff it in my pocket next time I go visiting family for an extended period.
In short, Ellie McDoodle Have Pen Will Travel is a sensitive, humorous view into an eleven year old's vacation filled with wonder, observation, clarity, mischief and fun.


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