Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is a good day for blogging, or trying to get caught up with a bit of online writing.

What's new? Well, not a lot, except I've added another morsel to my already full plate of projects, studies and seemingly never ending domestic and homeschooling activities. Do I harp on that a lot? Yes, its a sort of love/hate thing, the domestic stuff. Ah...but, some one's got to do it. Perhaps that's why I enrolled in another writing course. This one is a Gothic Novel workshop. Its online (they all are, how else would I find the time).

When I first read about what makes up your typical gothic heroine, I instantly sympathized and more, I had to take a closer look. I had to explore her journey, because I immediately felt it was my own journey beckoning me onward, my own quest daring me to see it through till the very end.

Courage, that's what I'm talking about, the courage of a frightened woman/child daring herself to face her deepest, most strangulating fears. The courage, will and discipline to look evil in the eye and banish it once and for all. I wonder if such a thing is truly possible, the once and for all bit? No, I think evil is a reoccurring foe, one you must face and conquer daily, even moment by moment in some cases. This journey should be interesting, wretched at times, perhaps even most times, but enlightening to say the least. Oh, yeah, its going to be the theme for my next graphic novel. I'm thinking of naming it Self Portrait: The Diary of Victoria Hart.

OK, on to better things. I'd like to help promote some wonderful site and blogs I've recently visited. Some of these are fairly new, others oldie, but goodies. Let the feast begin.

First up is a new comic site I first noticed last week.
I so wanted to post a link then, but I was swamped with work. One of the nicest surprises of this site is all the info they offer in a clear organized way. Everything from graphic novel reviews to graphic novels turned movies, to ad's for graphic novel writers and graphic novel lists. A wonderful resource for blooming creators like me...caterpillars that wish to turn into butterflies.


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