Thursday, April 16, 2009

When all else fails we must return to our center, perhaps that's where we're meant to dwell all along. Yes, I know it is but, life is full of distractions, promises of a better day. All days begin and end within. There are no promises outside yourself worth heeding; no love worth fighting for, for it is all a myth we create to hold ourselves to a higher cause...a more noble existence.

It seems to me that the most noble dream is the one that liberates you. The one that allows you to be yourself, to create works of beauty, to inspire yourself and the world to grow into your best potential. All the rest are games fear plays to distract you with false promises of hope. Whether that hope be in the promise of love, money, or security, there is really no such lasting thing save the fire and grace we find within.

Broken, but not beaten,
Vivian Hadding


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