Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Vivian Hadding...Dreams of the Dragon King

Sometimes I wish I were a tree
A tall swaying pine
Looking down at the world with joy and oneness
Or, perhaps I could be a willow
Tender, comforting, leaves and branches
Touching gently in a never ending dance
Yes, I wish I were a tree
They speak no words
Yet, their wisdom is always heard,
Their love always felt
Love and friendship would be so simple as a tree
Unconditional, pure and a child
I'd give my affection and love playfully,
Without fear of pain, or rejection
I wish I were a tree
Then you could come and sit by me
You could lay your head against me
And, sometimes
When I felt brave enough
I'd let my branches
Dip gently across your glorious face
I'd whisper how very much you mean to me
How I will wait an eternity for you...for me


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