Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Green River Dragon...From Songs for the Dragon King...Part One, by Vivian Hadding

Once upon a time there was a child
Who endured all sorts of pain
Most nights she held all her tears within
But, sometimes, in the middle of the night
Her silent, broken sobs
Would be carried by the wind
And she'd awaken fearful
With heavy heart
And wondered why her chest ached
With emptiness and longing

She was the Moon's lost daughter
Touched by music and magic
Who felt love within all things
And the trees befriended her
And the birds they sang to her
But, all the children in the village
Throwing stones they chased her
Because she was not like them
But, the trees called out to her
Deep jade shadows they beckoned her...
Come Luna's Daughter, come!

She learned to run
Swifter than the village children
Far into the forest she'd wander
With the trees urging her onward
To places others too fearful to follow
By the river she would drop
And drink a little water
Sometimes looking through the ripples
She thought
She could spy a sleeping dragon
And she would dance for him
And she would tell him everything

At home the evil emperor waited
Angry and bitter
And she'd try to please him
For all she ever wanted
Was to be loved
Yet, he would frighten her
With his hurtful words and cold, cold ways
Some days he would beat her
Other times he belittled her
And, there was never, ever
Any love nor safety at home
For he had chased her mother away
So the child tried to be strong, tried to be brave
And she was, most days

In the deep of the night
A warm breeze began to stir
The child began to dream
Of a Dragon King
Who would watch over her
Guide and protect her
But, most of all he would be her friend
He would teach her many things
Especially how to trust and love again
And every night before she went to bed
She would thank the stars
And the wind and the trees for
The green river dragon
King of all the waters


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