Sunday, October 18, 2009

In My Soul Angel Wings, by Vivian Hadding
from Songs for a Dream

In my soul
Long ago
You inspired

A vision
A dream
A great desire

And it grew
Like a beautiful flower
And it shown
In the evening bright as fire

I saw you
Light and golden
In the distance

An angel
A mage
A warrior

Fierce and stunning
Gentle and wanting

And your eyes met mine
In the moonlight

You sought me
You dared me

You called me
I answered

You held me ever after
In my dreams
My visions
My great desire

And we danced all night
Till morning

Under the stars
Fields of flowers
You loved me
Over and under
Without ending

In my ear
Soft breath
You whispered

You filled me
With hope
And knowledge

And I longed thereafter

In my heart
Like a dove
You found me

Your love
Like wings surround me
Though I see you not

You hold me
You warm my soul
With your peace
Your beauty
Your comfort


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