Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Acknowledging the Dream, from Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding

She felt alive
She realized for the first time in her life
It wasn't so much about being loved
But, rather
About acknowledging her love
Her worth, her life

She had spoken to the Dragon King
She had expressed her feelings
Her thoughts,
Despite her inhibitions
In an hour when it seemed
Her heart might never mend

He had listened patiently
Tenderly, but firm
And she loved him all the more for it
She appreciated him
His spirit no matter his outer guise
Man, dragon, underwater spirit
It mattered not
For he had been a friend
A teacher...her heart's love

He had believed in her
When she'd failed to see her own light
And now he knew
For she had told him
She had trusted her spirit
She'd confronted her feelings
She was freed

She had opened her heart
And having done so all sorrow
All pain had dissolved
She was open to life
All life

She played
She painted
She sang
And the tigers surrounded her
In love and mutual admiration
They had been waiting

Near an eternity
For her to wake up

She greeted them openly
And she smiled when they smiled
No longer fearful
Eager to partake of the dance

She knew not what the Dragon King would do
What he would say
It no longer weighed down her heart
Her her part was done
She had passed her soul's test
She had confronted her fears
Her insecurities
She had learned to trust

Without strings
Without rules
Without wants
And the eagle
Seeing her smile
Enchanting, alight
Was drawn to her


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