Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shulynn's Tears, from Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding

She ran not knowing where she was going
All she knew was that she had to escape
There was so much pain
So much loss
He could not save her
No one could
She was lost and so alone

And the Dragon King had forsaken her
For he had taken back his love
His dream of hope and comfort
From her soul

And now there was no solace
No protection from the Evil Emperor
Nor his men
There was no hope
And she felt she could never
Ever love again

For the Dragon King unwittingly
Had stolen her heart,
Her breath,
Her soul

She stopped a little ways from the river
Remembering his words
"Do not be afraid"
Like ghosts in the wind
But she no longer believed him
She could no longer see
And knew not what to tell him
So she thought it best to stay away
Lest the indifference in his eyes
Break her heart
More than it already had

She hid behind the pine trees
Tall and twisted with time
She did not want him to see her
Crying, struggling to be free
With so little dignity

They, the trees dipped towards her
Shielding her heart farther
They whispered words of love
And brotherhood and belonging
She breathed them in deeply
Seeking their strength and tenderness
Seeking their love

Her heart began to beat slower,
She wished she could be one of them
These brothers of light
Wished she could melt her being with theirs

And she called forth the Eagle
And she begged him to fold her in his wings
And boldly whisk her away
And she called out to the tiger as well
Knowing that he too was her brother
Hoping that wrapped in their arms
The memory of the Dragon King might someday
Fade away


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