Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rebellion, by Vivian Hadding, from Songs for the Dragon King

I have been exiled because I dared to follow my dreams
I have been snubbed because I tried to follow my heart
I have gone against the so called norm
I've prayed to see the other side of love, the side that is pure

Soul is my foundation, not the status quo
Light is my guide, not others opinions of my direction
I have willingly branded both my body and my heart
Etched in ink and blood my soul's conviction

You mock me and try to stop me
You think I'm blind to all your self righteous whispers
Your snickers, sneers and fright
You envy me my audacity to follow my heart

But, I am divine light
Spirit pure and free
Right or wrong
I am free to fail or fly

It takes great strength and courage to do as we believe
To go against our meek, accepted conduct
To swim against the tidal wave of social masses

We stand alone true to our vision and our souls
We fight for what we feel in the core of our hearts to be real
We pay a most demanding price
Solitude and loneliness are the echo's of our lives


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