Saturday, September 12, 2009

Broken Promises, Illusions and Dreams, by Vivian Hadding

So here we are again
Watching and waiting
Playing this game

But you've snubbed me repeatedly
Its no longer the same
Its a rip in my heart
One I can't mend

I remember your promise
Eyes burning bright
Whispers of hope
In my heart
Late at night
And the songs on the radio
Chorus of faith
In a dream long held steady
In a spiritual embrace

As I look at you now
I no longer believe
Was I foolish or something
Were we just a dream
But I saw all the signals
And I read all the signs
And your eyes how the screamed
Everything be alright

I wanted to hold you
I thought someday we would
But, you changed my illusion
Tore apart my belief

Now your spell has been broken
I'm no longer a slave
To your nonsense and faith
In love seen and unseen

To a promise unspoken
To a foolish one's dream
To a Dragon King's whispers
To an angel without wings


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