Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday was the first chance I had to get back to this and I reworked Shulynn (the background figure) yet again. This is the third time I've changed her. I will post the first in a moment. Art, like writing is all about revising till it feels right. This use to be an unkonwn concept for me, being self taught I always assumed that ever artist/illustrator executed his work perfectly the fist time. Ha! Just like playing an instrument or anything else in life, you do it again and again till you get it right. ; )
I think this one conveys the feeling I wanted in this particular scene more accurately. In the two other illos she was loving, supportive and starry eyed almost idealistically so. I wanted her to show what I felt a true friend should be...loving, supportive, strong and who could also help the Dragon King not burdened him. I wanted to show her character's growth...maturity throughout their relationship.


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