Monday, November 16, 2009

As some of you know my two youngest children and I have been on our own since July. Its been a tough journey though filled with blessings such as freedom of create, to read, to take a walk in the park...

I miss my woods and my home my dear animals. When I stop to think of the price we had paid for our freedom...well, I still choke up. I could be very bitter, but that's never been me. I can't stay angry, nor upset. There are rhythms and quests that the soul requires for growth and when you don't listen...when you try to hang on and fix others that don't want to be healed... Yes, I'm learning to listen more carefully, to let go more readily. To trust and commit to my dreams more fully. Things always work out for the best, you just have to hang on and have faith.

There have been so many blessings surrounding us. Many in the form of Self-realization, others in the form of humanities many kindnesses towards us. Its amazing how beautiful and powerful the world really is and the impact it has on us. Of course much of this has to do with being open, as in keeping your heart, your soul open to humanity as a whole. For me its about growth, letting go, having faith, staying the course no matter the storms and being brave. Oh, and a huge measure of happiness in the gifts however subtle found and given on our quest is essential. One must never focus on the dark side of things...FEAR, the deep darkness within. But, like a lonely sailor tormented at sea, you must do your best and leave the rest up to God, Nature, Spirit...whatever your soul calls home.

I've been blessed with more hours than normal at work lately...season an all. But in between I still make time for my dreams. Here is a view to my new home where my friends constantly tell me I spend way too much time in. Except for work and the dog park I really don't get out much, so this is my sanctuary...the home of my dreams and bedroom and studio alike. And, my latest sketch for my Songs For The Dragon King. This one I'm sketching on my Wacom tablet. Its been too long since I had it up and much to relearn in Painter X, though hopefully a bit of practice will help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. . .Nice to hear from you Viv!

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