Sunday, June 01, 2008

I finally got a chance to plug in my Intuos3 a few weeks ago. I immediately began exploring this digital drawing surface in Painter IX. 5. These are some of the simple doodles that I don't plan to develop. I went ahead and saved them as a jpg Apparently, Blogger doesn't seem to be able to load my rif files with ease.
I'd put the tablet aside for a while, after discovering that my computer couldn't sustain Adobe Elements. It was crashing my PC all the time, causing all or most of the illos I was working on to freeze. I found I couldn't even save them because my pc just wouldn't respond. But, this old Frankenstein of a computer seems to like Painter thus far and so do I.
Aside from playing with the Intuos3, I'm still writing and illustrating my stories and living a very full life as a Mom, student, teacher, taxi driver to my teens and a wife, in a house filled with what my husband says are too many books and too many animals. Oh, well, thank goodness he loves me enough to put up with both ; )


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