Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just finished browning the meat, cutting up vegetables and adding all the spices , beans and tomatoes for a big pot of chili. My daughter has been sick and asked for some the other night. I've been working so many hours of late that there is seldom time for anything except some house work, a quick meal and some writing, sketching or both. Haven't touched my guitar in two weeks!!! Yikes, got to get back to it before I lose all my hard won callouses.

Anyway, I came up with another children's story the other day before work. I started the storyboard and then ran to my computer and began to write. I got a third or so of it down in fairly smooth draft, doing as much revision as possible as I work. As with most of my stories this one also follows a bit of my life. Moments of revelation or inquisition are my muse. The unraveling of the why, who, and how of my life....the way I seem to find understanding. Strange isn't it? The crazy way creativity works, or maybe its just my mind. Whatever, as is always the case these days, too little time but I'll take what I can get.

I'm feeling good, despite all the storms that try to slow me down. Yes, I do slow down, but only for introspection, meditation and to give thanks. Feels like I'm riding some sort of personal growth roller coaster and all I can do is my best, don't question, pray and hang on. Seems that's all any of us can do these days and maybe that's enough. "All things," my Mom used to say "Arrive in due time." One can not push the river, but rather learn to flow with it. Me?...Well I'm learning to let go and just flow. To trust the love and the light within me, to learn to fly even if I'm not always certain I have wings. No matter, if you believe the wind will catch you in its updraft at the very least.


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