Monday, December 14, 2009

Silent Dreams, from Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding

Here I am
Stark and silent
Skin wind blown
Heart sand scraped
Yet, still intact

How do I manage
All tied up

Open heart
Let it go
Dream of love
Not loss

Let the tide
Wash me now
Let the waves
Clear my mind

Carry weeds
From the sea
Cover me
Make me whole
Cool and dark
Hide my soul
Close my eyes
Can't control

Hear the birds
Eagles' scream
Watching, waiting
There for me

Join us now
Join us please
I hear their echoes
Hear their pleas

I can't respond
Maybe my fate
I have to stay
Have to believe

The Dragon King
Lives in my dreams
Waits in my heart
Sings in my soul

I have no answers
And fewer hopes
I feel a fool
Its hard to cope

But I am strong
My soul is brave
I won't give up
I'm going to wait

And late a night
Though cold, alone
He lights my life
Keeps my heart warm


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