Thursday, December 03, 2009

Its Three AM, from Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding

I dream of you
I pray, believe

I’m like a thousand women
Waiting for a dream

I sit and play
Another song

Light a small flame
Sing all night long

Just three more hours
Before the dawn

My fingers ache
My heart will break

Cause all my tears
Can’t wash the pain

Your eyes they burned
A hole in me

Cause I believed
And you don’t see

What all your promises
Have done to me

Unspoken love
Unspoken dreams

My breath is ragged
My spirit bleeds

And there’s not much
I can say

When you come close
Then walk away

Perhaps its fear
Perhaps its pain

Don’t understand
The games you play

But soon enough
The wind will blow

And lift me up
And take me home

The eagle waits
He watches close

The tigers pace
They soon will know

The dragon sleeps
But soon must wake

He must decide
Before its late


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