Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh West Wind
These were our dreams
But we a shattered mess
Chasing love, trying to believe
Fear screaming and hearts wielding
Against all odds like curtains swept aside
Oh fierce west winds you've broken all our hearts
Like panes of glass, shards small and large
Cracked pots with weeds and roses all entwined
How shall we face this bold new dawn?
With faith in freedom's light
We fight
But no, the answer lies
Tis not our right to hold so tight
Let go and trust whispers the north
And in the end all wrongs will right
Music flows and words they fall
Collect them all
Bandage our souls
West wind relax your hold
Gentle, gentle you must blow
Whispering soft soothing songs
Pick up the pieces and now we're one
You and I as eagles fly
A feather floats into my hand
Sweet kiss, reminder of a promised past
But it's all right oh gentle wind
In the end all we need is what we have.

Vivian Hadding

July 23, 2014