Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I got 886 words written thus far on this first day of the 2007 NanoWrite. It took me two hours to begin this new novel. The idea came to me as I was going for a walk earlier this afternoon. Its my first time as a NanoWriter and try as I might I can't help but revise a bit as I go along. I have to admit that so far I'm having fun and I feel terribly free.

Well, I'm off to join my children in a ninety minute intensive ballet class. They will look elegant and beautiful as ever. about as graceful as an old warthog in pink tights. At least I don't have to cook dinner when I get home tonight. I put a roast in the oven a few hours ago. After class I can get back to writing till midnight. Thank God for my AlphaSmart, no glaring monitor to keep hubby awake while I write.
I found these two sites last night and I just had to share...Awesome illos.
These are some spooky concept illos I've been working on. You can see how this one developed from the one below it.

Here are a few more silly concepts that will be refined and eventually show up in other concepts and sketches

I love this old witch, I can feel a story forming in my mind more clearly each time I look at her.

Creepy I know. I came up with this sketch while waiting for my kids at the ice rink. Although creepy is not one of my favorite subjects, my son and daughter both loved this one. Amazing what comes out of doodling when aiming for a monster character sheet. I'll be doing a few more during the day, that is till dance class later tonight.


A few more dancers

Fooling around while waiting at the dance studio for my children

Monday, October 22, 2007

This is a concept sketch I did for last week's Picture Bookies Showcase theme yesterday. I had been toying with several different ideas from trees and animals to children playing dress up.

I settled on the cardboard box and then thought about how best to illustrate it using only three floating integrated panels. I jotted down a few quick ideas.

I could have added more panels illustrating several more actions in between each, but I wanted to keep it simple.

I added a wash of color. Next time I'll remember that the pen I used is not water proof and I won't leave the area of text and my name in white. I think it would have looked nicer if the text boxes didn't stand out so much and my name was lower and smaller.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I finally had a few days off after months of working on the road. No, not as in touring the USA or anything like that, more as in hauling my novels in progress with me. I've been driving my kids back and forth between skating and dance six days a week. I'd rather be writing at home under my favorite oak tree but no, I've been utilizing the chairs and benches at the rink and dance studio from morning till late afternoon. On some days we don't get home till 8 PM, then its house work and cooking for me yippy!

I guess it took an few mishaps to get me to actually take a few days off and my God...It feel great! Unfortunately the kids and I had to suffer some minor accidents and illness. My youngest kept falling on the ice last week and pulled a thigh muscle. My son fell as well and manage to get a small battle scar...him against the ice. Five stitches later on the side of of his head and he's non the worse for wear. I ended up with the flu (a gift from my granddaughter) so I guess you could say we weren't going anywhere for a few days. However, I was able to clean out and reorganize my studio. It only took me two days, then again I was sick and all that dust didn't help.

Its so nice to see my desk again, to have all my paints and materials back where they belong, to have my work filed in the correct drawers and my books back on their proper shelves. Yesterday I was able to just sit and create for a few hours in the comfort of my home without having to stop and run out the door. Today I had the luxury of sitting at my desk paints and colored pencils at the ready, while I colored a skit I sketched yesterday for the Picture Bookies Showcase. Picture Bookies Showcase

Yes, I know, it been far too long since I've posted. I will try for once a week, but no promises. Tomorrow we go back to our regular skating and dance schedual and next month I'm doing the Nano Write.