Monday, September 25, 2006

Three treasures I've held thus far today. The first was renewed persistence, as I revised my Mother Bear manuscript once again. This time I followed the major part of the storyboard I completed last week. I spent most of last night and this morning in revisions, till five new drafts laid before me crisp and unwrinkled.
The second gem I beheld was Broken Saints, the animated comic epic by Brooke Burgess, Scott McNeil, Ryan Crocker, and Greg Anderson. I have only seen the first DVD out of five that came in my boxed set, but thus far I find it refreshing, inspiring, profound, mature, illuminating and poetic. By the way, mature as in consciousness.
The third treasure was held in reflection, reading random pages of Bonni Goldberg's Daily Instructions in the Writer's Life. Ah, the perfect transition between continual enlightenment and creation, where the intake of breath represents the work of my peers and exhaling represents my soul's longing.
I go now to seek my forth gem, as I explore the birth of Mother Bear's first dummy. I will no doubt tweak and modify this part of my story at least once more. But, only after I've allowed enough distance between us for the story to breathe in its own life. I do not mind though, illustrating is a cherished passion, a spiritual dance between the characters and their creator.


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