Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthright, by Vivian Hadding from Songs for the Dragon King
Sometimes I feel there are no such things as dreams
Just fantasies we invent to protect ourselves from reality
But ever the dreamer...the believer
I look about me to the miracles in disguise
The blessings and friendships I've been given
Given, for in truth I sometimes feel I deserved them not
And worth is our spirit's power
Worth is our spirit's truth
Is it any wonder worth is the first thing our enemies try to strip us of
The thing they strive so desperately to deny us
A loss of worth is just another way to disrobe our Divineness
Our sacredness, our strength
We have a choice
A daily vow
We can embrace our hopes or Their fears
Their fears, because we first tasted those fears through their lips
First witnessed it through their eyes
Through their self loathing and its manipulation of our trust
And who are they...
They are the ones that did not dare to fight
They are the ones that lost their way just miles from the gate
They are the ones who by their smallness needed to micro-regulate
They are the ones who let the memories of past aches rule their lives
They are the ones that could not let go and move on
Such appears the journey of life
Hurt and healing forever mingle in a jar...a body filled with starlight
When we focus on the pain, the fear, the loss then the star's promise is drained
When we tenaciously hang on with faith despite the odds, the nay-sayers, the pain
Then a dream far better than any we could have imagined is birthed.


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