Friday, January 08, 2010

Prayer for a Sign 30th Day... from Songs for the Dragon King, by Vivian Hadding
Asked for a sign the other day
Needed to know heaven's way
Been a while since I dared dream
Been a while since I let myself believe
You left so suddenly
Without much warning
Only called to say goodbye
Once you were gone
Its all in the past though
The hurt that we gave
The fear in each other
Times wasting away
So I asked for a sign
If its safe to believe
In words never spoken
In dreams never lived
I woke with this feeling
Of incredible peace
And your presence hung round me
Like a blanket...complete
Felt so warm, so protected
Yet, there's nothing to fear
Still your soul seemed to hold me
Though you're no longer here
Seems so strange, so sublime
Cause we've never touched
That your heart can hold mine
Make it sing, make it shine
I will tell you one thing
This I know is for sure
I can't shake you off Baby
No, I never will
So I asked for a sign
Cause I needed to know
Are you real or imagined
Are you heaven's will
I've been meaning to call you
Hear your voice, say hello
Make sure you need nothing
Make sure you're OK
Feel so foolish to wonder
Don't know how you feel
If you want me or hate me
Just don't know which is real
So I asked for a sign
And three random acts came
Three cards with three angels
Peace, Joy and Have Faith
And my soul held each one
And my heart did give thanks
Still no word from you though
Kind of tough to hang on
On the road on the radio
Three old songs played today
From back when you lived here
From back when you cared
And last but not least
On the steps to my door
One lonely white feather
Staring up from the floor
So I picked it up gently
And I brought it inside
Placed it next to my rosary
By my angel of light


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